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May 2022

Guidelines for Certification by Simulations of Rotorcraft | The ROCS project is getting to the heart of its activities with the writing of the first guidelines to manage a process of certification by simulation dedicated to helicopters…

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November 2021

Aircraft and rotorcraft flight dynamics simulation models require high levels of fidelity to be suitable in support of life cycle practises, particularly vehicle and control design and development, and certification.

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April 2021

The aim of project RoCS is to increase substantially the usage of simulation for Rotorcraft certification. This goal is particularly challenging, due to the sophisticated multidisciplinary numerical models necessary to model the strong interactions among the different subsystems that concur to the aeromechanics of rotorcraft.

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November 2022

Rotorcraft Certification by Simulation Workshop @European Rotors 2022 | Wednesday, November 9, 2022

The workshop will take place on Wednesday, November 9, 2022, an present the preliminary guidelines for rotorcraft certification by simulation developed by the partners of RoCS. The guidelines are primarily aimed at the application of rotorcraft flight modelling and simulation.

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November 2021

Workshop on exploitation of simulation for rotorcraft training, design and certification

The objective of the workshop is to have an opportunity to gather different communities that are working on simulation of rotorcraft to share their experience, best practice and challenges. It will be also a great opportunity to create bridges between this different communities so that sharing of information will continue.

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