It is our pleasure to announce that the final draft of the “Guidance Material for the Rotorcraft Certification by Simulation Process” has been released for public consultation. The material presents a guidance for the application of rotorcraft flight modelling and simulation in support of certification for compliance with standards CS-27 and CS-29, PART B (Flight) and other Flight-7 related aspects (e.g. CS-29, Appendix B, Airworthiness Criteria for Helicopter Instrument Flight), and has been developed by the partners of RoCS Project, i.e. Politecnico di Milano, NLR, University of Liverpool, Cranfield University and DLR.


The Guidance is presented in the form of a structured process, starting from the relevant paragraphs in the Certification Specifications, through a comprehensive description of the assembly of flight simulation requirements, informed by judgments on Influence, Predictability and Credibility, and on into the detailed building of the three major elements of the process:

  • the flight simulation model (FSM)
  • the flight simulator (FS), and
  • the flight test measurement system (FTMS)

Thanks to the entire RoCS Team and in particular to Gareth Padfield for leading with great rigour the editorial team. Thank also to Stefan van’t Hoff,  Mark White, Linghai Lu, Chris Dadswell, Philipp Pozdus and Giuseppe Quaranta and all the others who contributed with writing, revising, editing, discussing.


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