About RoCS

The project aims to explore the possibilities, limitations, and guidelines for best practices for the application of flight simulation to demonstrate compliance to the airworthiness regulations related to helicopters and tiltrotors.


of the project

  • Develop guidelines for certification of rotorcraft for flight aspects by simulation
  • Develop a low-cost, effective, flight simulation environment suitable for certification compliance demonstration for helicopters and tiltrotors
  • Verify if certification by simulation could reduce the scope of testing required for the introduction of the next generation of tiltrotors


of the project

  • Phase I: the industry and certification authority are engaged to define the list of certification topics
  • Phase II: starts with the definition of the related simulation fidelity metrics with input from LH and the certification authority.
  • Phase III: will see the consolidation of the final set of guidelines and application to the LH AWARE simulation facility.

Impact of ROCS


Increase of safety thanks to the possibility to demonstrate the flight conditions with highest associated risk


Through reduction of costs associated with flight testing. Flight tests are expensive, require a lot of personnel.


Tests in a simulator can be completed in a fraction of the time required by a full flight test. The time saved is beneficia


The possibility to test numerous different configurations with only a slight increase in costs and time increases configurations

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